NetSuite Development

We help your organization to harness the power of NetSuite. NetSuite is perhaps the market’s most powerful ERP and the possibilities are endless. Through our long experience, we have gained a good overview of how different organizations can work most efficiently and get the absolute most out of their investment. There are countless processes that can be streamlined and, above all, automated. This means that your staff can develop your business instead of being stuck with many hours of manual work

Benefit from our experience

Since we have worked with such a broad range of clients, we almost always find workflows that can be systematized or optimized for the customers we take on. Sometimes we need to challenge our clients, discuss work methods and routines. All this in order to assist in your business.

The advantage of hiring Noresca is that we have over 20 consultants, all with different skills and at different levels, which means that you get the right expertise at the right price.

Questions that we think you should ask

When you are looking for someone to further develop your NetSuite platform, we suggest you ask the following questions to your potential supplier.

How many years of experience with NetSuite does the consultant you will recommend have?

There should at least be someone with 3-4 years of experience in the team.

How long has the consultant been working in the system?

Here, you would like to see that the consultant has been working in NetSuite for at least 1-2 years. This is to get a better general understanding of how everything is interconnected.

How many scripts (SuiteScripts) has your consultant written?

A consultant with 1-2 years of experience usually has written between 25-50 different scripts, while someone with up to 5 years of experience often has written over 100 scripts. Scripts are just one part of further developing an existing organization that uses NetSuite, but still an important part.


The best way to find out about the knowledge of a supplier is to ask their customers.

Sometimes it can be good to put your existing supplier in competition and see what perhaps the most experienced NetSuite partner in the Nordics can achieve. Contact us at Noresca for more information

How does Noresca fit into the above questions?

We always include several consultants with different backgrounds in our customer teams. We do this so that you as a customer will receive as complete a service from us as possible. If you only dedicate people with knowledge & experience of exactly what you are asking for, it is easy to miss something along the way. There is always someone more senior involved to assist. Our consultants have always worked in the system themselves to better understand the customer’s daily routine. Our consultants that we dedicate to your team all have experience with SuiteScript, and of course, you can get all conceivable references for both the consultants and the company.