Noresca is a Gazelle company and one of Sweden’s fastest-growing consulting firms, focusing on the rapidly growing business system NetSuite. Since its inception five years ago, the company has had a strategy of working closely with its customers to develop their business, which has proven to be a winning formula. Many of the company’s shareholders have previously worked on both the customer and consulting side within IT, which has contributed to a unique competitive advantage by working more in-depth and generating more benefits and added value for companies using NetSuite.

’We saw an early opportunity for a unique competitive factor by working more in-depth and generating more benefits and added values for companies using NetSuite”

NetSuite has become increasingly popular recently, especially among entrepreneur-led growth companies, and this has contributed to Noresca’s high growth rate. The company has expanded in pace with its customers, including e-commerce companies and SaaS companies. A strong cohesion and an inclusive corporate culture with a focus on continuous knowledge development have also contributed to Noresca’s success. The company’s growth has mainly occurred through referrals from satisfied customers who recommend them to other colleagues in the industry.

Noresca was founded by Christoffer Lander, an entrepreneur and dedicated sailor, in Gothenburg in 2017. The company has since grown steadily and now has 25 employees and offices in both Stockholm and Gothenburg.

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”Noresca har arbetat mycket professionellt redan från det första presentationsmötet. Konsulterna har också rapporterat på ett mycket bra sätt hur vi har varit i linje med budgeten, något som vi tror att många andra missar. Vi har nu gått vidare och arbetar med dem på koncernnivå.

Daniel Liljebladh – CEO –Nextlane Sweden AB