NetSuite SaaS

Do you sell services or software online? Noresca has implemented numerous NetSuite solutions for SaaS companies. There are many things to consider when selling subscriptions or services online. NetSuite has already solved most of these problems for you, such as rapid establishment in other countries, pre-installed tax rules, and support for over 27 languages. Below are some important things to consider for a service-producing company selling services or subscriptions online.

Billing and Invoice Management

Automate your entire invoice flow with NetSuite and Noresca. Through NetSuite, you can manage the entire lifecycle of the subscription cycle. It’s easy to consolidate multiple tasks from different systems, ensuring that the customer receives an accurate and automated flow that is also easy to manage for your customer support. NetSuite is prepared for billing at the end of free trial periods or when price increases occur for discounted customers. When the billing process is automated, invoicing becomes more accurate, which in turn accelerates payments and improves cash flow. Consolidated billing creates trust with customers by listing every charge on an invoice.

NetSuite OneWorld

NetSuite OneWorld is used today in over 200 countries and enables companies to manage multiple subsidiaries, business units, and legal entities from a single ERP system. Support for 27 languages and 190 currencies makes it easy to work with customers and suppliers around the world, while country-specific configurations help ensure that you comply with local accounting, tax, and regulatory requirements. For SaaS companies wanting to enter or already operating in the international market, this is the fastest and easiest route. Noresca helps you set up OneWorld correctly and smoothly for your organization.


For most SaaS companies, it’s important to automate flows through various types of integrations. Often they handle large flows of customers and integration, making it more or less impossible to manage manual flows to a great extent. This is one of NetSuite’s absolute strengths. We can integrate virtually all systems out there. Inventory systems / POS / CRM are common systems that we integrate with. Some connections are more or less ready-made while others need to be customized.”