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NetSuite Guided Learning is available to all NetSuite-licensed customers at no extra cost

NetSuite Guided Learning helps all users to take advantage of the full potential of NetSuite. The training is designed to accelerate learning and improve business knowledge in NetSuite.

To help customers maximize the value of NetSuite and accelerate learning, Oracle NetSuite announced in August ”NetSuite Guided Learning”. NetSuite Guided Learning provides step-by-step guidance embedded in NetSuite to help users learn about system functionality and features. Available to all NetSuite licensed customers at no extra cost, the learning guides help businesses leverage NetSuite’s full functionality and reduce the time spent on training.

”To maximize their software investments and adapt to new needs, companies must offer their employees continuous training opportunities,” says David Rodman, Vice President of Customer Success at Oracle NetSuite. ”NetSuite is committed to expanding training opportunities for our customers, all to enable them to maximize their business. Whether it’s onboarding new users or adopting more features, NetSuite Guided Learning offers customers immediate access to knowledge that enables employees to realize the full potential of NetSuite.”

NetSuite Guided Learning includes the following guides:

Role-based guides: These introductory guides offer role-specific resources to help users learn about their dashboard and available tabs. For example, a user with a sales team role can learn more about where to find the latest information on leads and activities.
Key activity guides: These interactive guides showcase key features in NetSuite that help users maximize productivity and efficiency. For example, a user can find help on how to personalize a dashboard or create shortcuts in NetSuite.
Additional learning and support resources can be accessed from any guide:

  • NetSuite MyLearn: A digital learning platform with access to personalized learning paths, on-demand modules, live interactive webinar training, and practice environments.
    SuiteAnswers A comprehensive knowledge base with searchable access to support articles, help topics, and training videos.
    NetSuite Support Community A global, online forum that allows customers, partners, and developers to ask questions, get information about updates, and make new contacts in the NetSuite community.


Guided Learning is planned to be available in 27 languages for all NetSuite customers within the next year. For more information, visit: NetSuite Guided Learning.

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