NetSuite implementation

We have done numerous successful NetSuite implementations and work according to a proprietary methodology to ensure that you get the most out of your investment. During an implementation with us, we go through several phases which are briefly summarized below.

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Discover, Investigate, Plan, and Investigate Again

We take a closer look at which parts of your organization are affected by the implementation and involve relevant parties. In most cases, key personnel from each department are included in a project group. We develop the project group together with you and they go through the system requirements needed. We involve potential integration partners early on to ensure that any obstacles are cleared well in advance.

NetSuite Structure

Here we review your existing workflows. Our job is not to implement these workflows directly into NetSuite. We use the existing workflows as inspiration for the ongoing work and will also challenge and develop the current approaches to optimize and make your operations more efficient. By spending time in this phase, your final product will be much better.


Once we have a clear picture of how your system should look, we begin to develop and configure NetSuite according to the specifications we have jointly established. Integrations are created, and we start working on your training material. We explore how to migrate all data and make sure to remove irrelevant data, that is data that you will probably never use. Of course, we want the system to be current and relevant when you start using it.


Evaluation and development will occur somewhat in parallel. Here we test the system with your own data migrated. We evaluate in a test environment that mimics your real system and all modules, routines, and working methods are rigorously reviewed. We question and improve until you are completely comfortable and satisfied with your NetSuite installation.


In this phase, we implement NetSuite live in your organization. The entire project team is involved to ensure that everything works for everyone in the organization. A lot of data will have been migrated long in advance, while other data needs to be migrated just before you put your new ERP system into operation. There are different ways to implement, where some choose to implement specific modules, some implement the entire system directly, and others use their previous ERP system in parallel.

Support – Further Develop Your Business

It’s still the same project team, but the focus has shifted and collecting user data generates information about how your business can be further developed. We map out how users experience the system and spread knowledge within the organization. New employees need to be trained and when updates occur, you need to receive relevant information. We set up regular meetings and together we look at how we can develop your business.”