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With NetSuite, there are endless integration possibilities, and choosing the right partner is crucial for how well your systems will work together.

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A lot has happened with NetSuite and its integrations in the last five years. NetSuite’s cloud platform is now fully developed and at the absolute forefront of the market. As a result, established brands have started to move into the NetSuite-specific integration space, but not all well-known providers have a NetSuite connection. In this case, someone is needed to create the integration between the services you currently use and NetSuite. In our opinion, what distinguishes a skilled integration consultant is their perspective on the customer’s business and operations, meaning that the integration consultant always keeps the customer’s current and future objectives in mind. What does the need look like at the moment and most importantly, will the solution hold up if the company triples or ten-folds the load on the integration?

We always ensure to future-proof your investment, and we would never create an integration if it is not sustainable over time.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Integration Partner

Things to Consider When Choosing an Integration Partner

1. Choose a partner who takes responsibility for the integration made

One thing is for the integration to work at handover, but more importantly, is that the solution/integration works over time. Noresca takes responsibility for the entire chain and over time.

2. Choose a partner who can give a relevant time estimate

Everything is solvable provided there is time, but for you as a customer, it is important that timeframes are maintained and that your budget is not exceeded. Therefore, you should only choose integration partners who can give you a relevant estimate of time. Of course, unforeseen things can occur that require the time estimate to be adjusted, but this is rare. If you choose Noresca, you have a partner who has probably already done ’your’ integration and can give you a clear picture of how long it will take to integrate your specific services.

2. Välj en partner som kan ge ett relevant tidsestimat

Allt går att lösa under förutsättning att tid finns, men för er som kund är det viktigt att tidsramar hålls och att er budget inte spricker. Därför skall ni bara välja integrationspartner som kan ge er en relevant uppskattning av tid. Givetvis kan oförutsedda saker inträffa som gör att tidsestimatet behöver justeras men det hör till ovanligheterna. Väljer ni Noresca så har ni en partner som förmodligen redan gjort ”er” integration och kan ge er en tydlig bild över hur lång tid det kommer ta att integrera just era tjänster.

3. Ask to talk to previous customers of the provider you are evaluating

Taking references is perhaps the most effective way to eliminate certain suppliers. Companies that work with NetSuite and cannot provide references are advised to disregard. With limited experience from the partner regarding what you want to achieve, there is a risk that in the end, you will pay for the consultant’s personal development curve.

4. Try to find a supplier who has integrated the solution before

If you can’t find anyone who has integrated your system, try to choose a supplier who has integrated similar systems. Then your NetSuite integration partner will understand what you want to achieve and how. Probably, this partner has also already encountered similar problems, which saves time for you.

Bwlow is some samples of integrations made

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